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or dry, very dry and sensitive skin

A daily treatment for dry and very dry skin regain vital moisture and oil balance to help improve the skin's condition and appearance where dry, flakey, rough skin is evident. The Urea, Seabuckthorn extract and Avocado oil give Lipidro cream its distinct rich texture and natural colour. Together they combine to target dryness and help the skin regain and maintain a balance of oil and water for improved skin function and greater comfort.


The moisturising ingredients provide instant comfort to dry skin and daily use of this product can help produce noticeably softer and smoother skin within a relatively short period of time. In addition, the Algae extract helps discourage further moisture loss and the Allantoin helps promote skin regeneration, improving the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin. Highly recommended for use with Gehwol Herbal Bath for intensive skin care and with Cracked Skin Salve if callus and hard skin problems also present.


Highly recommended for diabetics. Does not contain fragrance or known skin allergens and is ideal for sensitive and fragile skins.

Gehwol Med® Lipidro Cream 75ml

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