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Welcome to Auckland Foot Clinic


You can't beat

Foot Mechanics opened it's doors in 1996 and has grown to be New Zealand's largest Podiatry practice. 


We are the experts in diagnosing and treating foot pain and problems. 


Common conditions we treat:

- Heel pain

- Arch pain

- Painful bunions

- Arch pain

- Shin splints

- Cracked heels

- Ingrown toenails

- Fungal toenail

- Corns

- Callus



In September 2018 Foot Mechanics took over Auckland Foot Clinic from Podiatrist Gordon Williams.


Senior Podiatrist Ryan Fitzgerald is a passionate sportsman with many years experience overseas and within New Zealand. Ryan is part of a larger multidisciplinary healthcare team, working closely with orthopaedic surgeons. 



Foot Mechancics Podiatrists are ACC registered and work closely with physiotherapists, sports physicians and other allied health practitioners to achieve positive outcomes for clients. 


Click here to find a clinic location near you and to book an appointment.

Foot & Nail Care

Whether you suffer from corns and calluses, bunions, fungal foot infections, dry and cracked heels or simply need nail care, we can provide you with immediate relief and a maintenance program to keep your feet looking great.

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